Our sugar innovation tackles a global health crisis head on

The Product Makers (TPM) is helping improve lives around the globe with its world first “sugarcane extract – Phytolin™”

It all started in 2008 with an opportunity to discover how natural purified sugar mill extracts could help the global diabetes and obesity crisis. Considerable research and development, partly funded by the Australian Federal Government, with ongoing support from the Australian Sugar Industry, enabled the team to use a new proprietary process. In a breakthrough, they discovered how to isolate polyphenols from the sugar mill processing extract and identified the right amount of polyphenols needed to deliver the best health benefits.

After further research initial extracts were improved and patented and trademarked under the name of Phytolin™

Phytolin™ is a bioactive material that can be easily added into commercial food and beverage products. It helps controls blood glucose levels and can also be used as a modulator of the digestion of carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, flours, cereals and polysaccharides.

TPM CEO Shane Mitchell said “The health benefits of Phytolin™ not only include assisting the management of type 2 diabetes but delivers anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits that can address metabolic syndrome.  These properties together reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body”.

When Phytolin™, a globally patented extract is used with sucrose, the result is a low GI sugar with many health boosting and bio-active properties that are not available in other such products.

Health benefits of this innovation are not restricted to retail sugar products. TPM has undertaken extensive research on the application of PhytolinTM.  Now PhytolinTM can be added to a wide range of staples in the production of commercial beverages, biscuits, cakes and muffins. When PhytolinTM is added to rice, bread and cereals, it improves their health properties – with minimal changes to existing formulation.

TPM have also transferred their intellectual property and technology of their globally patented low GI sugar, to their partners in India. This has enabled the launch of G-Low and PhytolinTM into the sub-continent. As India is one of the largest countries battling type 2 diabetes and obesity, this export opportunity will help assist in the management of a major health crisis.  It is well established that consumption of low GI diets and ingredients are key parts of the management of diabetes and obesity.

“Our commitment to this concept from inception, through development to launch has resulted in an Australian world-wide first. We’re incredibly proud that there is no other product available in the market, anywhere in the world, that provides the health benefits and bioactive properties of PhytolinTM” said Mitchell.

“We say Phytolin™ is Made by Nature – Proven by Science. Its phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidant properties are a healthier option that slows down digestion and helps manage blood glucose levels, assisting in the management of diabetes and obesity “said Mitchell.

“Phytolin’s™ bioactive properties are probably driven by its high anti-oxidant levels, thus combating oxidative stress.  Oxidative Stress is the root cause of many chronic metabolic diseases growing rapidly around the world today” said Mitchell.

Mitchell added “Phytolin™ bioactives are known to scavenge all of the six key Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).  These ROS affect all cells and organs in the body.  TPM is one of the first companies to use Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC 6.0) to explain this property.  Going hand in hand with ORAC 6.0 TPM carry out a further in-vivo test called Cellular Anti-oxidant Activity (CAA) which shows that Phytolin™ bioactives are bioavailable and safe.”