Polygain™ is a broad spectrum natural blend of antioxidants for animal well-being. It improves quality of life and assists in increasing antioxidant activity within pets, livestock and performance animals.

When added to commercial pet food or animal feedstock, Polygain™ provides many health benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Because Polygain™ is polyphenol-rich, abundant in minerals, nutrients and amino acids, it also improves natural probiotic levels in the gut.

Polygain™ also helps reduce many of the symptoms caused by physical, biological and chemical factors that impact negatively on livestock health.

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Polygain™ is a natural plant extract from Saccharum officinarum (SugarCane).

The antioxidant activity Polygain™ adds to stock feed improves animals gut health, feed conversion ratios, lean muscle mass, mortality rates, reduces microbial load (increased shelf life), inflammation, anti-bacterial and improves gut microflora for a healthier metabolism.

Many countries are moving to remove antibiotics and hormones from animal feeds. Polygain™ is a natural antioxidant with no downstream human health implications from meat animals. It may reduce the need for synthetic antioxidants, hormone and antibiotic treatments.

Polygain™ has a high Cellular Antioxidant Activity (CAA) demonstrating bioavailability and activity inside a living cell. Antioxidants are highly accredited as active against Oxidative Stress caused by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).


Farm Stock

In poultry, Polygain™ can improve feed conversion ratios, improve gut health and reduce mortality rates. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Polygain™ combine to improve the general health and welfare of bird stock.


Racing Industry

In the equine and canine industries, Polygain™ improves appetite, gut health, exercise recovery and manages joint pain. It also reduces oxidative and general stress.


Farmed Fish

Polygain™ was recently been independently tested in a commercial fish and shrimp farm.

The fish were fed their regular food, which included differing amounts of TPM’s Polygain™ polyphenol based feed material. As a result of adding controlled levels of Polygain™ into the fish feed, the independent trial revealed:

  • Improvement in feed conversion ratio: TPM feed material produced yields of 1kg shrimp for 1.15 kg feed including Polygain™ feed material, as opposed to 1kg shrimp for 1.6kg using standard feed.
  • Larger shrimp and fish: Dr Nahids trials identified the important addition rate of the feed materials for each of the trailed species. The optimum addition rate was determined after carrying out extensive dose response trials.
  • Taste & Flavour: Raw clean fish were examined for flesh colour, odour and texture. Fillets were cooked and tasted by experienced panelists. They concluded that the Polygain™ treated cooked fish were tastier and had no undesirable flavours or odour.
  • Attractant: Polygain™ appeared to attract all species of aqua trialed, which can be attributed as a factor in the improved growth rates observed.
  • Residue Polygain™ appeared to reduce feed wastage and deterioration of water quality. No feed residues were left in the Polygain™ treated fish cage or tank compared with the control.
  • Cleaner environment: TPM’s feed material also provides shrimp and fish farmers with a clean, natural label, that improves the both export potential and value.

The cost in use was minimal to the overall formulation with substantial benefits. At the conclusion of the test, raw fillets were cooked and tasted by experienced panelists.

The trials were conducted by Dr. SK. Ahmad-Al-Nahid, Head, Department of Fisheries, Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Bangladesh.


Domestic Pets

By adding Polygain™ to the diet of domestic pets, can help improve gut health, lean muscle mass, reduces inflammation for a healthier metabolism. Polygain™ is LGC UK certified. It can be purchased in bulk lots for you to apply to your own feed.

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Commercial Pet Food and Feedstock Manufacturers

Polygain™ can be added to the production of a wide range of commercial pet foods and livestock feeds with minimal changes to existing formulation and taste.

To give your commercial animal feedstock a healthy, marketable point of difference, speak with our bioactive division today.

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For further information please visit our Polygain™ website https://www.polygain.com/