With a long and proud history of food and beverage flavour innovation, TPM holds a number of patents.

Current TPM Patents

  1. Use of sugar cane extracts in the treatment or prevention of microbial infections and dysbiosis (no family name)
  2. Sugar cane extracts for use in animal feeds (Polygain family)
  3. Improving the taste of consumables (No family name)
  4. Use of polyphenol containing sugar cane extracts for preventing, improving or treating a skin condition (No family name)
  5. Sugar cane derived extracts and methods of treatment (Diabetes treatment family)
  6. Substances having body mass redistribution properties (BMR family)
  7. Natural preservatives and antimicrobial agents (Natural preservative family)
  8. Sugar extract (Polynol family)
  9. Natural sweetener (Natural sweetener family)
  10. Extracts derived from sugar cane and a process for their manufacture (Benecarb family)
  11. Extraction method (Phytolin family)