With a long and proud history of food and beverage flavour innovation, TPM holds a number of patents.

Current TPM Patents

“Extraction method” PCT AU2013/000964 (WO/2014/032100) Phytolin™

Method of extraction of bioactives, further fractionation, characterization of bioactive properties including polyphenols, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory  properties.


“Sugar Extracts” PCT/AU2012/000115 (W0212106761) Polynol™

Method of extraction and purification, LCMS data, compositional analysis, mouse clinical trial, weight loss, and detailed biochemical & metabolic changes including endocrinology and gene expression changes and mechanism of action.


” Natural Sweetener” PCT/AU2005/000798 (WO2005117608)

Method of processing, GI reduction , analysis, uses and applications in foods and beverages.


“Substances Having Body Mass Redistribution Properties”  PCT/AU2006/000769 (WO 2006/128259)

First clinical trials on mice. Demonstrates fat reduction, lean muscle mass increase, endocrinology, fecal energy increase, MRI’s, DEXA.


“Natural Preservatives and Antimicrobial Agents” PCT/AU2008/001458

Application of polyphenol extract from sugarcane in reducing fat rancidity, inhibition of a range of bacteria in vitro particularly Streptococcus mutans and a number of formulations for use in Oral Health  eg Mouth washes, Toothpastes.


“Extracts Derived From Sugar Cane and a Process For Their Manufacture” PCT/AU2007/001382 (WO2008/034180)

Method of manufacturing sugarcane extracts using micro and Ultra Filtration and properties and use of the extracts


“Sugar cane derived extracts and methods of treatment” PCT/AU2014/050187 (WO 2015/021512)

Use of a sugarcane extract to modify digestion and reduce glycemic index in standard foods in healthy and diabetic human subjects