The Product Makers have developed the latest technology in flavour encapsulation systems. Flavour rods are created by encapsulating liquid and solid flavouring materials.

Leading manufacturers use our Flavour Rods to dramatically improve flavour intensity, product stability and shelf-life.

Flavour Rods are cost effective, rod shaped, micro encapsulated flavours, available in popular natural and synthetic flavours.

When added during manufacturing of food and beverage products, they reduce oxidation and volatility. They enable fruit to be incorporated into a wide range of food and beverage products.





  • Full flavour delivery throughout the shelf-life of the finished product
  • Rod shaped microcapsules
  • Guarantees excellent stability
  • No anti-oxidants or preservatives
  • Consistent flavour profile with extended shelf-life



  • Encapsulated flavour with excellent flavour stability
  • Unique particle shape & size prevent de-mixing in production
  • Low dusting with excellent flowability
  • Cost effective
  • Clean labelling
  • Protects flavour from oxidation


Applications include

  • Powdered Beverages
  • Teas (Infusions)
  • Noodle Seasonings
  • Powdered Soups/Sauces/Stock Cubes
  • Dry Mix Applications
  • Bakery Powder Mixes
  • Chocolates
  • Cereal Bars
  • Chewing Gums
  • Compressed Tablets



Flavour encapsulated – Unique Rods


Flavour Rods Process


  • Tested by GCMS, organoleptic, colour and thermal acceleration
  • Flavour Rods readily dissolve in both hot and cold water
  • Instant flavour release once product is ready for consumption
  • Low surface oil on rods therefore contamination risk during processing is low
  • No interaction between flavour and other ingredients
  • Consistently out performs alternative flavour systems


Download our Flavour Rods brochure  

Flavour Rod Brochure


Our Flavour Rods offer a wide range of flavour tonalities to be utilised in a wide range of food and beverage products. They are also available in our Natural Flavour range.

Download our current flavour list. 

Flavour List Download

If your flavour is not on the list, or you require further information, speak to your local The Product Makers flavour expert.