Our Quality Assurance team consists of educated, experienced and dedicated people who ensure that all product standards and requirements are met through daily technical inspections, testing and sensory evaluations.


As the Food Safety & Quality is considered as the crucial element of meeting customer and legal requirements, The Product Makers is proud to have a devoted QA Team to oversee raw material quality assurance, finished product quality assurance, technical documentation and customer affairs.

The Product Makers (Australia) Pty Ltd holds and maintains SQF System (Safe Quality Food) as the Food Safety and Quality Management System to deliver safe, quality food and meet customer, federal, state and local requirements for all its products and is committed to the following initiatives:

1. To focus on satisfying customers and the regulatory authorities, through the:

  • Supply of quality and food safety assured products.
  • Provision of technical recommendations and support.
  • On time delivery of products.
  • Innovation and creativity driven by skilled and dedicated technical experts
  • Accompanying customers through all stages of the project from creation to application.

2. To achieve further local and international growth of our business.

3. To explore innovations in processes and products.

4. To continually maintain the competencies of the workforce.

Adherence to this policy is essential to the long term success of the company and to achieving customer and employee satisfaction.

Each level of the organisation is therefore required to actively support this policy and encouraged to provide for its continual improvement.