Polynol™ is a powerful anti-oxidant ingredient ideally suited in dietary supplements, foods and beverages and cosmetic applications for oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory and cognitive performance.


On-going and independent research has identified Polynol™ as very efficient in combating oxidative stress. Because oxidative stress is able to disrupt such a wide variety of pathways involved in the healthy function of the body, restoring the ideal balance of oxidants in the body through the use of Polynol™ can lead to benefits in multiple aspects of health and wellness.

Our growing portfolio of research trials and studies have shown that the PRSE (polyphenol rich sugarcane extract) Polynol™, has the capability to protect from chronic inflammation, assist in boosting cognitive performance, manage blood glucose, slow down the ageing process, promote weight loss and support a healthy microbiome.

Unlike Phytolin™, Polynol™ has less than 0.2% sugars and is free from organic acids, amino acids and monovalent minerals and salts.  However, some divalent minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron are chelated to some of the flavonoids.

The results of these studies are currently under peer review in some of the world’s best scientific journals; however our Bioactives Technical team would be happy to share the evidence supporting these claims on request.

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