Modulex™ is a Natural Flavour and also a Bioactive Ingredient for Taste Modulation.





Modulex™ features a unique mix of natural phytochemicals which enhance the perception of sweetness in food and beverage with the benefit of reduced sugar.

  • Masks aftertaste from high intensity sweeteners
  • Masks astringency & metallic notes
  • Improves body, mouthfeel & roundness
  • Low doses of Modulex reduces the metallic after taste and other undesirable notes in food & beverages
  • Natural Flavour

Nature and Science Unite

Taste comes from a chain reaction that starts with sensitive proteins on your tongue, races through taste buds, enters your nerves and ends in your brain.

Sucrose binds to the taste receptor sending a message to the brain to recognise sweetness.

Modulex™ primes all taste receptors cells to increase perception of sweetness to the brain.

Modulex™ is Patent & Trademark Protected by The Product Makers – WO2019/040989A1 /PCTAU2018050934.

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