With an ever increasing awareness on the importance of food wellness in the media, manufacturers across the globe are transforming their processes.




Health Trends

The emergence of obesity and other health issues, including diabetes and food health and wellness, is a critical challenge faced by manufacturers. When these challengers are met, products are created that provide health & wellness benefits sought by today’s consumer.

They also provide a marketing “point of difference” that enables manufacturers to increase their market share.



The Product Makers develops product solutions, taste delivery and nutrition benefits for today’s consumers who are looking for:

  • “Clean labels” Food Minus Claims (low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol, free from additives/preservatives, low calorie)
  • “Food Plus” claims, or foods fortification with vitamins, minerals and other functional benefits
  • Other trends including high in fibre, natural, organic, gluten free, reduced sugar/sodium, organic/functional foods,

For the creation of flavours that support healthier living, without compromising taste, global and local food manufacturers turn to TPM.

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